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Kathleen G. Scholl

Associate Professor - Leisure, Youth & Human Services
(319) 273-6316

University of Northern Iowa
203 Wellness & Recreation Center
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0241

Ph.D., CTRS - Recreation, Park, & Leisure Studies, University of Minnesota.  Emphasis: Outdoor Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation.  Dissertation: “The influence of an inclusive outdoor recreation experience on families that have a child with a disability.”

M.A. - Recreation Administration, California State University, Chico.  Chico, CA.  Emphasis: Wilderness Education. Thesis: "Empathy in outdoor leadership and leadership effectiveness."

B.A. - Physical Education, California State University, Chico.  Chico, CA.  Emphasis: Sports Medicine & Athletic Training


Dr. Kathy Scholl is a faculty member of the Leisure, Youth and Human Service Division within the School of KAHHS at UNI. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Outdoor Recreation Management, Outdoor Education, Therapeutic Recreation, Research and Evaluation, Philosophical Foundations, and Social Psychology of Leisure. Dr. Scholl integrates practical experiences for her students to apply current best practices to outdoor recreation planning and programming. For example, outdoor recreation students are involved in the design and development of interpretive trail for the UNI campus. Students also participate in environmental education community engagement programming for Hartman Reserve Nature Center. In addition to Dr. Scholl's interest in outdoor recreation planning and programming, she is also a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). She is committed to the provision of recreation opportunities for all individuals. Dr. Scholl provides her expertise in inclusive recreation services to community agencies in order that they may increase their capacity to provide recreation services to individuals with disabilities. Her research interests include: inclusive recreation, accessibility, parent advocacy and support for families with disabilities, outdoor leadership and communication effectiveness, sustainability, outdoor recreation and community development. Dr. Scholl is currently sits on the community agency board, the Inclusion Connection.

Selected Publications: 

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