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Laboratories and Studios

Athletic Training Laboratory

The Athletic Training Research Laboratory provides experiential learning opportunities for students involved in the Athletic Training Program.  This laboratory provides students with the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate professional skills and competencies related to the application of theoretical concepts of athletic training.  Equipment includes such items as hydrocollators, muscle stimulators, isokinetic and isotonic machines, treatment tables and whirlpools, etc.  The Athletic Training Research Lab is located in HPC 010.


Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics Laboratory is used for instruction and research in the analysis of human motion.  Using sophisticated computer and sensory technology, equipment needs include a motion analysis system, a force plate, analog data collection system, and peripheral computer support.  The Biomechanics Lab is located in WRC 152.


Computer Instructional Laboratory

This resource is available to instructional purposes for faculty and students in the School of Kinesiology, Allied Health and Human Services. It is managed by the School, and its development was supported by student computer fees.  The lab is located in WRC 154.


Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory is the center for the study of the responses of the human body to the stress of exercise.  Equipment includes metabolic carts, treadmills, blood lab (including spectrophotometer, blood lactate analyzer, centrifuge), underwater weighing tank, electrocardiograph, and a state-of-the-art six-station student computer laboratory.  The Exercise Physiology Lab is located in WRC 126.


Psychomotor Behavior Laboratory

The Psychomotor Behavior Laboratory is dedicated to the study of motor control, motor learning and sports psychology.  Equipment includes items as a stabilometers, reaction timers and clock calendars.  Bassin times, and runways, linear slides, microswitches, coordination and vision testing apparatus and others.  This lab is located in WRC 120.


Rhythym and Movement Studio

The Rhythym and Movement Studio program supports performance groups such as Orchesis Dance Company, the International Dance Theatre, and the Young Peoples Dance Theatre.  Equipment for this program includes a sound system, video equipment, professional performance surface and other.  This studio is located in WRC 185/187.


Strength and Conditioning Laboratory

Strength and Conditioning Laboratory provides leadership in research, the application of technology, and educational practices in the area of strength and conditioning.  It was established as a result of a unique corporate/university sponsorship/partnership.  This lab is loacted in WRC 157.


Wellness Resources Laboratory

The Wellness Resources Laboratory supports the Dimensions of Wellbeing component of the liberal arts program.  This laboratory serves as a primary center for assessments, referrals and data collection for this course.  Typical equipment includes computer technology, body composition technology, biofeedback equipment and others.  The Wellness Resources Laboratory is located in WRC 104.