Health Promotion & Education

What is Health Promotion and Education?

Health Promotion and Education engages the community in living healthy and well lives.  It is preventing disease by "making the healthy choice - the easy choice".  By influencing policy, behavior, and environment, health professionals strive to create healthy communities.

What will I do with a major in Health Promotion and Education?

There are numerous and exciting career opportunities for someone with a major in Health Promotion!  Depending on the student's area of emphasis (Fitness, Women's Health, Environmental Health, or Global Health), you could be a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, Health Club Manager/Owner, Spa Professional, Lifestyle/Health Coach, Wellness Director, Community Health Education Coordinator, Childbirth Educator, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Specialist, Family Planning Health Educator, Environmental Health Specialist, Food Safety Inspector, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Disease Surveillance Specialist, Disaster Relief Program Manager, or Immigrant/Refugee Health Specialist, to name just a few possibilities. 

Where can I work?

Health Promotion professionals are everywhere!  Students with a degree in Health Promotion can work for Non-Profit Organizations; State and County Public Health Departments; the Federal Government; the Insurance Industry; Hospitals and Clinics; Private Corporations; Academia; and/or International Organizations; to name a few.  Any setting that is concerned about the health of its employee's or the health of the people they serve, has a need for a health educator. 

Why should I study Health Promotion?

Health effects everyone.  If you are passionate about health and wellness, if you want to help others achieve a level of well-being that optimizes their life, then you should consider a degree in Health Promotion and Education.


Health Promotion, B.A.

Health Education, M.A.

Health Promotion Minor

School Health Education Minor

Global Health & Humanitarian Assistance Certificate

Environmental Health