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Physicians & Consultants

Preceptor Handbook


We would like to express our thanks to the team physicians and health care providers who manage the healthcare of our student athletes and educate our athletic training students.  Each is critical to the success of UNI athletics and our athletic training education program.


Dr. Jeffrey Clark, DO   Orthopedic Surgeon, All Sports
Dr. Todd Johnston, MD   Orthopedic Surgeon, All Sports
Dr. Robert Bartelt, MD   Orthopedic Surgeon, All Sports
Dr. Brian Burnett, MD   Team Physician, Wrestling
Dr. Kyle Christiason, MD   Team Physician, Volleyball
Dr. Dan Glascock, MD   Team Physician, Men's Basketball
Dr. Sharon Duclos, MD   Team Physician, Women's Basketball
Dr. Nicholas Goetsch, DO   Team Physician, Women's Soccer
Dr. Martha Ochoa, MD   UNI Student Health Center
Dr. Bruce Forystek, MD   UNI Student Health Center
Dr. Sheryl Hansel, MD   UNI Student Health Center
Dr. David Redfern, MD   Team Allergy Specialist
Dr. David Congdon, MD   Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Marc Hines, MD   Team Neurologist
Dr. Sangeeta Shah, MD   Team Neurologist
Dr. Karla Brennscheidt, PsyD   Team Neuropsychologist
Dr. Ronald Cervetti, DPM   Team Podiatrist
Dr. Greg Lantz, DPM   Team Podiatrist
Dr. Philip Morreale, DPM   Team Podiatrist
Dr. Patrick Weires, DPM   Team Podiatrist
Clark & Associates   Team Orthotists
Eye Care Associates   Team Ophthalmology & Optometrists
Dr. Thomoas Petrie, DO   Team Ophthalmologist
Dr. Anthony Bailey, OD   Team Optometrist
Dr. Anne Hennessey, DDS   Team Dentist
Dr. Spencer Walker, DDS   Team Dentist
Dr. Mark Schreiner, DDS   Team Dentist
Dr. Richard Nemmers, DDS   Team Dentist
Kimball & Beecher Dentists   Team Dentist
 Dr. Brian Sands, MD   Team Dermatologist
Dr. Martin Sands, MD   Team Dermatologist
Dr. Blake Wayson, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. Jennifer Rasmussen, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. Lance Vanderloo, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. John Schofield, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. Michele Green, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. Aaron Knutson, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. Derrick Benner, DC   Team Chiropractor
Dr. Adam Hoogestraat, DC   Team Chiropractor
Mitch Fonley, PT   Team Physical Therapist
Dr. David Towle, PhD   Counseling/Psychology/Psychiatry
Mark Rowe   Counseling/Psychology/Psychiatry
Joan Thompson   Nutritionist