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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Summer 2009 Issue Contents
Vol. 36 No. 2

Editor's Preface

Guest Editor’s Introduction

Where Religion Faculty Meet Students’ Worlds:                                    [excerpt]
Lessons from the GTU Preparing Future Faculty Project
James A. Donahue

“Engaging the Institution:”                                                                        [excerpt]
Mentoring Future Faculty, Big Questions of Vocation,                       
and the Reality of Assessment
Maureen A. Maloney

Re-Engineering the Teaching Machine:                                                   [excerpt]
Big Questions from the Inside Out and the Outside In*
Elizabeth Drescher

‘Going Spiritual’ and the Civic Loyalties of Theological Education:      [excerpt]
Mentoring Future Faculty
Martha E. Stortz

Big Questions of Vocation, Professional Identity, and                            [excerpt]
Classroom Practice:

A Conversation Between Colleagues
Melissa James and Steven Bauman

Conflations and Confrontations:                                                                [excerpt]
Spirituality, Religion, and Values in the Liberal Arts Classroom          
Davina C. Lopez

The Specter of “Spirituality”—On the (In)Utility of an Analytical         [excerpt]
Chad M. Bauman

“Spirituality in Higher Education?” Caveat Emptor                                [excerpt]
Eugene V. Gallagher

“The Question Is The Answer”-- 
Naropa University’s Contemplative Pedagogy1                                      [excerpt]
Judith Simmer-Brown

Pedagogy of Reverence:                                                                           [excerpt]
A Narrative Account
Fran Grace

Does Spirituality Have a Place in Higher Education?:                            [excerpt]
A Response 
Helen S. Astin and Alexander W. Astin

Spirituality in Higher Education: Problem, Practices,                              [excerpt]
and Programs: A Response
Nadine S. Pence

Spirituality in Higher Education:                                                               [excerpt]
Toward a Holistic Approach to the Development of Future Faculty      
in Theology and Religion
Elizabeth Drescher

Fuzzy But Not Warm:                                                                                [excerpt]
On the (Continuing) Descriptive and Analytical Inutility of                     
Chad M. Bauman, Eugene V. Gallagher, and Davina C. Lopez1

A Contemplative Response:                                                                     [excerpt]
The Part Is the Whole
Fran Grace and Judith Simmer-Brown