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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Spring 2009
Vol. 36 No. 1

Editor’s Preface

Our spring 2009 issue begins with the concluding half of Professor James Norwine’s study of Contemporary Collegiate World Views—the first half having appeared in our fall 2008 issue.  His conclusions about the ‘hybridity’ and coherence (or not ) of these worldviews pose some interesting questions, particularly in his comments on diversity as a leading value.   

The second article is by Professor Ramona Maile Cutri in which she reports her study of teacher reflectivity on issues of race, culture, and spiritual beliefs.  She argues for “Transformative multicultural teacher education . . . [that is] . . .best accomplished if teachers are allowed and encouraged to use their intellect, emotion, body, and spirit as ways of knowing, teaching, and learning.”(p.56).

In the third article of this issue, Editorial Board member Professor Charles Russo and his colleague, Professor Gerald Cattaro analyze the prospects for the growing charter school movement to result in faith-based charter schools.  Their discussion of the potential judicial scrutiny provides an interesting analysis of the legal context in which these schools would find themselves.

The final piece is published in collaboration with the Society of Biblical Literature.  It is their newly developed Guidelines for Teaching Bible Electives in the Public Schools.  We intend to publish more guidelines from organizations as they are developed or updated.  For example, the American Academy of Religion is currently working on guidelines for teaching religion in the schools and we hope to bring them to you upon their completion.   
We welcome three new members to our Editorial Board.  Professor Mark Chancey is Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  He has written for Religion and Education in previous issues on religion in the curriculum.  Professor Tim Jensen is on the faculty of The Institute of Philosophy, Education, and the Study of Religion at The University of Southern Denmark.  He was former General Secretary of the European Association for the Study of Religion and the International Association for History of Religions.  We welcome his contributions on European perspectives related to religion and education.  Professor Deepak Sarma is on the faculty of the Department of Religious Studies at Case Western Reserve University where he specializes in South Asian Religions.  We look forward to his contributions enriching our understanding of religion and education in the context of this part of the world.
Our upcoming summer issue is on a theme that came out of the fall 2008 annual conference of the American Academy of Religion.  Religion Professor Fran Grace of The University of Redlands serves as guest editor for this issue on Spirituality in Higher Education:  Problems, Practices, and Programs.  The increased interest and attention to religion and spirituality in higher education is addressed by religious studies faculty and education scholars who study this topic.  The resulting varying opinions make for challenging reading for all involved. 

The cover art for this issue is Thus Has God Done that He May Be Revered by Paul Bonelli of Wall, New Jersey.  It was part of the October 2001 exhibit, A Question of Faith, at the University of Northern Iowa Gallery of Art.

Michael D. Waggoner, Editor
Religion and Education
May 2009