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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Spring 2008 Issue Contents
Vol. 35 No. 2

Editor's Preface

The Developmental Pathways of Evangelical Christian Students           [excerpt]
Alyssa N. Bryant

Talking with Students about Truth: Using Heidegger to Loosen            [excerpt]
the Grip of Literal Absolutes

Francis Dominic Degnin

Public Funding, Religious Education, and Multiculturalism                     [excerpt]
in Canada

Adam Stewart

Latino/a Participation and Engagement in Community                            [excerpt]
Events, in Church Settings, and in Educational Settings         

Xaé Alicia Reyes

The Servant and Teacher: "Poured Out Like Water"                             [excerpt]
An Essay on Teaching and Living

Julia Kellman

Judicial "hostility to all things religious in public life" or                        [excerpt]
Healthy Separation of Religion and Public Education

Charles J. Russo