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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Spring 2001 Issue Contents
Vol. 28 No. 1  


Constructing a Spirituality of Teaching: A Personal Perspective [excerpt]
Robert J. Nash 

A Vision of Schools with Spirit  [excerpt
Linda Lantieri

Building a Comfort Zone: Teacher Training and Standards-Based Education about Religion [excerpt]   
Susan L. Douglass

Ex Corde Ecclesiae and American Catholic Higher Education: Dead on Arrival?  [excerpt]

Charles J. Russo and David L. Gregory

Spiritually Committed Public School Teachers: 
Their Beliefs and Practices Concerning Religious Expression in the Classroom   
Clifford Mayes and Scott Ellis Ferrin

Cognitive Emotions and Emotional Cognitions in Religious Studies  [excerpt]                                                          
Iris M. Yob

Field Notes
Michael D. Waggoner