Fall 2009 Issue Contents

Vol. 36 No. 3

Editor’s Preface

The Quest for Meaning:Teaching Spirituality in                       [excerpt]
Communication, Social Work, Nursing, and Leadership
Fred E. Fitch, Julie Fitzgerald, Maureen V. Himchak, and  Estelle Pisani

Race, Religious Involvement, Social Capital, and                     [excerpt]
Educational Outcomes among Public High School Students                 
Buffalo, NY 
Brian D. Barrett

An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing Parents’                 [excerpt]
School Choice
Paul M. Ajuwon. and Brenda K. Bradshaw

Religion Inside the Schoolhouse Gate: Gatekeeping Forces    [excerpt]
and Religion Coverage in
Public High School Newspapers
Piotr Bobkowski

Teaching and the Seasons of Time: The Final Days                  [excerpt]
of an Art Class

Julia Kellman