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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Fall 2007 Issue Contents
Vol. 34 No. 3

Editor's Preface

Measuring Faculty Spirituality and it's Relationship                             [excerpt]
to Teaching Style
John J. Cecero and Giselle B. Esquivel

Learning to Teach About Religion in Public Schools:                            [excerpt]
Perspectives and Experiences of Student Teachers
in the Program for Religion and Secondary Education
at Harvard Divinity School

Michael P. Evans

Rain and Snow, Bless the Lord: Quaker Theology                                [excerpt]
and Teacher Education Practice
Sally A. C. Galman

Life on Campus After September 11th: Undergraduates                       [excerpt]
Attitudes Regarding War and Religious Discrimination
Michael J. Maher, Linda M. Sever, and Shaun Pichler

Review of The Bible in History and Literature                                   
Brennan Breed and Kent Harold Richards