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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Fall 2006 Issue Contents
Vol. 33 No. 3

Editor's Preface

God, Darwin, and the Courts: An Evolving Debate     [excerpt]
    Charles J. Russo

Teaching the Contexts: Why Evolution Should Be Taught      [excerpt]
As An Argument and How it Might be Done   

   John A. Campbell and Taz Daughtrey

Problems in the Philosophical Bases of Intelligent Design     [excerpt]    
   Robert E. Money, Jr.

Challenging the Myth of Human Superiority     [excerpt]  
   Lynn A. Brant

"This Evolution Bit is Straight from Satan": McLean vs. Arkansas
Board of Education
and the Democratization of Southern Christianity
Guy Lancaster

A Clash of Opposing Worldviews: How One Professor Teaches the     [excerpt]
Intelligent Design/Evolution Controversy
Robert J. Nash


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