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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Fall 2005 Issue Contents
Vol. 32 No. 2

Editor's Preface

Evangelicals on Campus: An Exploration of Culture, Faith, and College Life       [excerpt
    Alyssa N. Bryant

The presence of evangelicals on college campuses is a growing reality even in the most secular academic environments.  This study of one evangelical subculture at a large research university reveals the complexity of evangelical students
' "countercultural conservative" identities, their perceptions of truth and their multifaceted experiences in the classroom and with the pluralistic peer culture.

The Big Chill: Are Campuses Turning a Cold Shoulder to Religious Students?       [excerpt
    Scott Andrew Schulz

Do some religious students venture away from their campuses to join student religious organizations in response to chilling campus environments? How do students benefit from involvement with these groups? This study uses interviews with members of an off-campus student religious group to ascertain their motivation for attendance and perception of benefits as a result of consistent involvement with the group.

Jesus, the Enlightenment, and Teaching World History: The Struggles of an Evangelical Scholar       [excerpt
    Ralph E. Lentz II

This article is an emic discussion of the pedagogical and philosophical struggles of an evangelical Christian scholar who teaches in a secular state university. The article also surveys the history of the on-going ontological and epistemological debates within the Western intellectual tradition that have effected both the author and the Academy.

Listening to Teacher Voices: Religion in Schools in the Rural South        [excerpt]
    Sandra B. Oldendorf and Connie R. Green 

Using a survey and follow-up interviews, the authors analyze and discuss teacher responses to the concepts of separation of church and state and tolerance for spiritual diversity. They categorize the teachers as "committed to civic virtues," "committed to Christian evangelism," or "conflicted." The authors give recommendations for in-service and pre-service teacher education.

In The World But Not of It? Voices and Experiences of Conservative Christian Students in Public Schools       [excerpt]  
    Joanne M. Marshall 

This case study considers the experience of conservative Christian students in public schools. Results indicate that these students view their public schools as a mission field and feel positive about their experiences there, despite the tension of trying to be "in the world" while maintaining their beliefs and personal behavior so that they are "not of it."


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