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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Fall 2005, Vol. 32 No. 2

Coming in Future Issues

Following are some of the authors and topics you will be seeing in the pages of Religion and Education during 2006.

Alyssa Bryant examines the experience of Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian and other college students with no religious preference in Religious Minority Students on Campus.

Robert Nash and Penny Bishop discuss teaching adolescents about religious pluralism in a post 9/11 world.

Emile Lester explores the experience of Modesto, California public education with a new world religions course.

Elizabeth Tisdell discusses roles for spirituality and religion in teaching diversity in secular higher education.

Jennifer Haworth and Mary de Villiers examine how a grant from the Lilly Foundation Vocation project to Loyola University, Chicago, helped that university to reclaim its identity and mission.

Gerald Zam and Gregory Stone report on a survey of social studies teacher education faculty regarding their attitudes towards including religious literacy in the preparation curriculum.