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a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education
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Michael D. Waggoner 

Charles R. Kniker
Founding Editor    

Kasey J. Tumilty
Assistant to the Editor

Editorial Board

Alyssa N. Bryant
North Carolina State University

Mark Chancey
Southern Methodist University

Betty A. DeBerg
University of Northern Iowa

Bruce Grelle
California State University, Chico

Charles C. Haynes
First Amendment Center

Robert Jackson
University of Warwick, England

Tim Jensen
University of Southern Denmark

Linda Lantieri
The Inner Resilience Program

William H. Jeynes
California State University, Long Beach

Peter L. Laurence
Education as Transformation Project

Jenny J. Lee
University of Arizona

Shabbir A. Mansuri
Council on Islamic Education

Diane L. Moore
Harvard Divinity School

Robert J. Nash
University of Vermont, Burlington

Warren A. Nord
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Charles J. Russo
University of Dayton

Deepak Sarma
Case Western Reserve University

C. Carney Strange
Bowling Green State University

Benjamin S. Webb
Center for Regenerative Society