Journal of Assessment and Accountability Systems in Educator Preparation

Guidelines for Authors

Journal of Assessment and Accountability in Educator Preparation is a new journal sponsored by the College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa.  It is a peer-reviewed, online periodical.  The University of Northern Iowa has a long-standing history of leadership in the preparation of teachers and other school-based professionals, dating back to its founding as a normal school in 1876.

Why yet another journal in education?  There are more than a thousand institutions preparing teachers and other practitioners for work in schools in the United States today.  Each one of these institutions is required to have an assessment system which provides data about individual candidates and which also provides aggregated candidate data as well as other data useful for program evaluation.  Currently, there is no journal, or even organizational SIG, which provides an home for discussion of issues related to this very important undertaking, or which provides a consistent and accessible location for scholarly and practical work related to it.  To fill this important niche is our goal.

Towards that end we welcome a wide variety of submissions:  empirical (using any appropriate methodology or set of methodologies), conceptual, philosophical, historical, personal essay, program description, assessments, validity studies, manuals, training materials and systems, book reviews, interviews with major players, program or instrument evaluation reports, literature reviews, introduction and overview pieces written for beginners in the field, critical reviews, etc.  We welcome work related to an entire system or to a single assessment within it (such as the Teacher Work Sample), or from the impact on a single candidate or professor to the impact on all P-12 students taught by graduates.  We welcome perspectives from any level, including national, state, institutional, program, and individual.  As part of meeting our mission to provide a discussion forum we will also accept, and even encourage, responses to previously published works.  We also welcome submissions relating to the full range of professionals licensed to work in schools:  teachers, administrators, school psychologists, counselors, etc.  The focus is on the educational, evaluative, and administrative aspects of these systems, so pure computer science work on database algorithms would not be appropriate, but we do welcome work related to the use of computer and other technologies in these systems.  We do not welcome submissions primarily intended to advertise specific companies, organizations, services, or products.  We do not plan to have thematic issues, although we would be open to proposals from qualified teams for guest-editing a themed section within an issue.  In general we will not invite articles, although we may do so occasionally.

Every item published in the journal will be peer-reviewed, but the criteria for review will vary by type of submission.  That is, the journal is interested in quality work, where quality is defined as (a) power and accuracy of expression, (b) depth and breadth and accuracy of thought, and (c) usefulness of content to the professional community working in this area.  We do not define quality by length, nor by adherence to a single, specific genre of expression, such as “scientifically-based” or “scholarly”, nor do we find obscurity to be a virtue.


The journal will be electronically published semiannually.  Submissions are accepted at any time during the year.

All submissions are to be electronic.  Please submit your manuscript as an email attachment in Word format to  We will communicate with you through the e-mail used to submit unless informed otherwise.

To make it easier to preserve blind review, please include the traditional cover sheet and contact information in a separate attachment rather than with the main paper.  This should include (a) title of the work; and (b) for each author:  name, title, affiliation, regular address, electronic address, and phone number.

A brief abstract (50-150 words) should be included with the manuscript itself.

We ask that all submissions adhere to the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Any additional formatting questions should be directed to the Editors.

As this is an e-journal, we do not have hard and fast rules on manuscript length.  Reasonableness and appropriateness should be the guide.  A concise letter or response of 200-500 words would be better than a rambling missive of 5,000, whereas a qualitative study could hardly be even introduced in 1,000 words.  We will probably not want to publish any theses or dissertations as defended, but would welcome submissions that are rewritten from such documents.

Review Process
Upon receipt of the submission the Editors will make an initial determination of manuscript suitability.  In either case you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and disposition within a week.  Our intent is that you will receive a decision within two months.  The final decision rests with the Editors.

We reserve the right to make editing changes.  You will receive galleys for approval before publication.  At the same time we will ask you to verify that:

  1. The work is not under consideration elsewhere;
  2. Authorship has been assigned using the APA model;
  3. Research ethics were followed (empirical studies only), per AERA, APA, AEA, or whatever organization you follow, and with reference to your local IRB if needed;
  4. And no part of the manuscript requires additional copyright attention unless you already have received permissions.

Any questions should be directed to the Editors at

We believe that scholarship should be freely available to scholars, practitioners, and interested others.  Towards that end, copyright for works published in JAAEP will remain with the author(s).  We ask for nonexclusive rights to publish the work in the journal or republish it in a compilation derived from it.  If you republish the work elsewhere, we ask that you include a note that it was first published in this journal.

This journal is sponsored by the College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa
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