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Technology Purchasing Guidelines



The purpose of the following pages and the attendant links is to provide College of Education employees guidance in making cost effective purchases in the area of technology. First we want to provide you with guidance in planning your purchases so that they will best fit your existing technical / physical environments, your expectations and your budget. We believe the notion of cost effective involves more than the initial price of a product and includes the cost of maintenance, consumables (toner, print cartridges, paper, etc.) and technical support. A "cheap" computer can quickly become an expensive computer if the college does not have the means to support it.

Therefore supported computers have been narrowed to Apple and Dell. This process of formal standardization began in May 2002 when the COE technology committee and the Dean approved a policy to support specific products. 

To move forward with further implementing technical standards we want to guide you toward acquiring hardware and software products that we have found to be reliable and those with which we have experience supporting.

The Single Most Important Thing

We reserve the right not to support your use of of non-standard hardware and software.

When in doubt consult with Neil, Rodd or Max. It is better to spend a few minutes reviewing an order than to spend a lot of time later trying to make a product work.


The COE Hardware and Software Standards Policy may be reviewed here: COE Computer Standards Policy.


Computer Configurations
  Printers and other Peripherals
 LCD Projectors 
Preferred Vendor List
What to Avoid