a. Gift Statement

  1. Gift materials are welcomed if they enhance the quality and usefulness of the lab's collection.
  2. Gift materials must meet the collection development guidelines for the relevant format.
  3. Gift materials may be accepted only if there are no restrictions upon their disposition.
  4. Gift materials will be discarded through regular channels if they do not meet the standards for the rest of the collection.
  5. Gift materials will be acknowledged for tax purposes; however, appraisal is the responsibility of the donor.


b. Weeding Policy

  1. Weeding is the permanent removal of obsolete, damaged, or missing items no longer related to the goals, objectives, and/or services of the Curriculum Laboratory.
  2. Weeding is as essential as the acquisitions of new materials to maintain a quality, timely collection.
  3. All collections will be weeded by lab staff at least every two year. Lab staff will consult appropriate faculty as needed on weeding decisions.
  4. Materials are removed for the following reasons:
    1. Material is in poor physical condition. It is damaged, worn, or has missing parts.
    2. Material has poor content. It is badly written, inaccurate or outdated.
    3. Materials over 10 years old and superseded editions are usually removed although some items may be outdated before they are this old.
    4. Material has poor format. It is inappropriate for instructional purposes.
    5. The collection is overcrowded and space is needed.
    6. The material is lost and replacement not appropriate.
    7. Only two copies of each item are retained.
  5. Discarded items are sent to the Library or other resource centers. Some items are placed on the free materials cart for patrons if transfer to another location is inappropriate.


c. Reconsideration Procedure

  1. Any requests for reconsideration will first be handled by the Director of Instructional Resources and Technology Services. An informal path toward resolution of the problem is preferred. If not resolved, the Director consult with the Associate Dean. If the issue is not resolved by the Associate Dean, s/he will ask the Dean for its recommendation.


d. Cooperation with Library & Other Resources Centers

  1. The Curriculum Laboratory is a member of the CVLC and catalogs its resources for access via UNISTAR.
  2. The Curriculum Laboratory is not a participant in Interlibrary Loan.
  3. The Curriculum Laboratory staff cooperates in referring clients to the Rod Library, other campus resources and community resources.
  4. The Curriculum Laboratory lends materials to and cooperates with Area Education Agency 7.


e. Review of Curriculum Laboratory Collection Development Policy

  1. The Director of Instructional Resources and Technology Services is responsible for revisions of this policy.
  2. The policy is reviewed and revised as necessary every 5 years.
  3. All reviews, with or without revisions, are approved by the Associate Dean.