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Curriculum Laboratory Collection


The Curriculum Laboratory offers over 25,000 educational materials to support Nursery/Kindergarten - 12th grade curricula. Materials are intended to be used primarily within the lab, although many may be checked out for short periods of time. Textbooks may be checked out for one week. Enrichment materials, CUA (curriculum guides, resource units, and activity books) and IRTS stacks items may be checked out for two weeks. IRTS also maintains a reserve desk of items placed on reserve by faculty.

IRTS textbooks, CUA and stacks collections are arranged in call number order using the Library of Congress Classification System. You can search the holdings we have cataloged via the UNI Rod Library system at

Approximately 10,000 elementary and secondary textbooks are in the lab's collection. The IRTS Stacks contain books and pamphlets on current issues in education and teaching methods. Materials from many professional education associations school districts, and agencies are included.

IRTS CUA section includes curriculum guides from numerous states and school districts in Iowa, resource units organized by subject provide samples of UNI student - produced instructional units for elementary through secondary classes and activity books, ranging from classroom simulations to craft construction ideas.

Enrichment Materials include resources such as children's fiction and non-fiction books, simulations, multimedia kits, games, and pictures.

The catalog collection contains directories from Iowa's area education agencies and over 1,000 commercial educational publishers and vendors, as well as scope and sequence charts for textbooks. These items are filed by AEA number or publisher's name.

Approximately 300 standardized test specimen sets are available for in-lab review. These items are arranged by title and include aptitude, interest, achievement, intelligence, and personality tests that are used with N/K-12th grade students.

Various reference works, including dictionaries, atlases, and encyclopedias, are also in the collection. In addition, National
Diffusion Network materials are now integrated into the collection.