Curriculum Collection

Approximately 12,000 elementary and secondary textbooks are in the IRTS collection.

The IRTS Stacks contain books on current issues in education and teaching methods. Materials from many professional education associations, school districts, and agencies are included.

The IRTS and Literacy Education Youth collection include over 20,000 children's and young literature books, both fiction and non-fiction.

IRTS CUA section includes curriculum resource unit activity books, ranging from classroom simulations to craft construction ideas. Also include samples of UNI student - produced instructional units for elementary through secondary classes.

Enrichment Materials include resources such as simulations, multimedia kits, games, pictures and some children's fiction and non-fiction pop-up books.

A small collection of standardized test specimen sets are available for in-lab review. These items include aptitude, interest, achievement, intelligence, and personality tests that are used with N/K-12th grade students.

Various reference works, including dictionaries, atlases, and encyclopedias, are also in the collection.

IRTS also coordinates technology services for students and faculty within the College of Education, including: circulation of laptops, iPads, LCD projectors, digital cameras, camcorders, and the support of computer facilities.

You can search the holdings we have cataloged via the UNI Rod Library system at OneSearch