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Welcome to the Iowa Superintendents Finance & Leadership Consortium (ISFLC)

The Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) in partnership with the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) at UNI has formed the Iowa Superintendents Finance and Leadership Consortium (ISFLC), a professional development program for Iowa superintendents to expand their knowledge base and develop their fiscal management and leadership skills.

The Consortium offers two 1.75-day sessions each academic year to meet the varied fiscal management and leadership needs of Iowa superintendents. These sessions are led by Iowa leaders with the skills and expertise in identified curricular areas. License renewal and graduate credit is available to participants. The Consortium's curriculum meets the quality standards set by UNI for license renewal and graduate credit. One re-licensure credit (offered through SAI) or one graduate credit is offered for each 1.75-day Fiscal Management Program. 

Who Participates in ISFLC?
ISFLC programs and conferences are available to all practicing Iowa superintendents, aspiring superintendents, business managers/board secretaries and district central office administrators invited by their superintendents.

New Superintendents and Superintendents New to the State of Iowa
ISFLC welcomes new superintendents and superintendents new to the state of Iowa to the annual one-day New Superintendents' Conference, to be held on September 19, 2018.

Consortium Design
ISFLC's structure and curriculum is determined by the ISFLC Advisory Council, which includes a superintendent from each of Iowa's AEAs as well as representatives from ISCAP, ISJIT, IEL, Iowa Department of Education, Iowa Association of School Business Officials, School Administrators of Iowa, Institute of School Executives, Iowa Superintendents Council, Iowa State University, Drake University, and the Iowa State Auditor's Office.

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Helpful Links

  • Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust (ISJIT). ISJIT has assisted Iowa's school districts, community colleges, and AEAs with their cash management needs since 1986. ISJIT's simple, reliable operation and excellent rates of return provide valuable interest income to over 300 authorized participants from across the state. Organized pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 28E, ISJIT was one of the first dedicated cash management programs in the nation created by schools exclusively for schools. Under the sponsorship guidance of IASB and ISJIT's member-focused Board of Trustees, ISJIT offers a number of investment opportunities designed by participants to help them safely and effectively manage their financial resources.
  • Fiscal Glossary


Contact Info

Kim Huckstadt, Director
Iowa Superintendents Finance & Leadership Consortium
Phone: (319) 273-4525
E-mail Kim with questions