Minorities in the Leadership of Education (MILE)

UNI leads the way toward increasing the presence of persons of color and traditionally underrepresented groups in school leadership positions.  With this goal in mind, Minorities in the Leadership in Education (MILE) seeks to identify, recruit, enroll, and provide financial support to qualified aspiring school leaders of color. 

MILE Program Highlights:

  • Providing financial assistance for qualified aspiring school leaders of color
  • Educational Leadership program aligned with the Iowa Standards for School Leaders
  • Program of study leading to Iowa certification in the Principalship and/or Superintendency
  • Opening doors of opportunity to earning the Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.)

MILES Ahead...
Since 1876, UNI has been a distinguished leader in the development of educators and educational leaders. That legacy continues today with an Educational Leadership program that meets the changing needs of Iowa's schools head on. Across the state, schools are searching for ways to address the challenges and opportunities of growing diversity, the achievement gap, and an ongoing need for greater cultural competency. They're looking for school leaders of color to lead the way. And UNI is responding.


GOING the Distance...

Many aspiring principals and superintendents of color enrolled in the MILE program seek to earn their Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). The MILE program helps blaze that trail by building a Network of Practice and Support and providing financial assistance. Some students may be able to combine their principalship and superintendency studies toward the doctorate.


What Our Students Are Saying:

"Dr. Gilson and the MILE team helped shape the leader that I am and the program still supports me today. The MILE network is well established, always growing, and helped put me in touch with the strong network of leaders who have already walked the path of becoming an educational leader. I appreciated the personalized approach to my education and will be forever grateful for my experience at UNI and the MILE program."

-Loren Velasquez, Sioux City Community School District 


TAKE the Next Step...


Dr. Tim W. Gilson, Interim Department Head, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership


To apply for the Betty Hyde Scholarship or the Marilyn Jorgensen Scholarship:

  • Complete and submit the MILE Application form and specific scholarship forms located below
  • Complete the FAFSA (http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/)
  • Submit the materials by January 15, each year

MILE Application

Betty Hyde Scholarship

Marilyn Jorgensen Scholarship