Public Health Minors and Certificates

Public health class

Program Description

Two public health minors complement your primary degree: 

Our school health minor provides professional preparation for teaching majors who seek endorsement for teaching health education through the Iowa Department of Education. 

Public health and education certificates include:

You can also earn an interdisciplinary program certificate in business of health care administration for business majors or a similar certificate for non-business majors, offered in conjunction with the College of Business Administration and Department of Economics. 



Public Health Minor
Liberal arts courses included in minor program requirements

  • Introduction to Community Health
  • Health Care and the Consumer
  • Public Health Theory
  • Planning and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs 
  • Health Promotion Implementation and Advocacy
  • Epidemiological Methods, Research Design, and Analysis
  • Human Diseases

School Health Education Minor 

  • Health and Physical Education for Elementary Teachers or Secondary School Health Education Methods
  • Mental Health and Well-Being in the Classroom or Stress Management
  • Family Relationships or Human Relationships and Sexuality
  • Drugs and Individual Behavior or Drug Prevention Education for School Health Educators
  • Introduction to Community Health or Community and Public Health
  • Health Education Curriculum 
  • Nutrition for Health Promotion or Physical Activity and Nutrition for Health and Fitness
  • Health Care and the Consumer 
  • Human Diseases for School Health Educators 

Electives: Remaining hours of health-related electives for the K-8 and 5-12 endorsement = 26 hours minimum