Public Health and Education Career Tracks

Health Promotion/Worksite Health

Designed for students who are interested in worksite/employee health promotion programs.  Increasingly, worksites hiring health promotion majors include hospitals, universities, non-profit and for-profit health and fitness organizations.  Controlling health care costs is becoming an important motivator for worksites to implement health and fitness programming for employees.


Women's Health

Sex and gender are important factors in the prevention and treatment of fitness and disease.  Women are the largest consumers of health care as well as health products and services.  Graduates have found work in various settings, such as hospitals, state and local Public Health Departments, non-profit agencies and health/wellness centers.


Global Health/Health Disparities

Graduates from this field find employment as public health specialists, focusing on the needs of immigrants, refugees, minorities, rural farm families, and other diverse and underserved populations.  This emphasis provides a strong focus on service learning projects, preparing graduates to work in government programs such as non-profit agencies, public health departments, hospitals, and clinics.


Environmental Health

The future holds tremendous opportunities for graduates of this field.  Environmental health specialists study how various factors in the environment impact human health, with particular information paid to air, food and water quality.  Students interested in this area will take courses in health promotion, environmental health, and the basic sciences.


School Health

Our school health program provides professional preparation for teaching majors who seek endorsement for teaching health education through the Iowa Department of Education. 


Public Health and Education Specialists

  • Assess and monitor the health of populations at risk for disease

  • Assure communities have access to appropriate and effective health care

  • Connect people to needed health services and provide instruction on health promotion