Student Testimonials

"I chose physical education and health education because I am a very active person and can't sit still in a classroom.  I love sports and physical activity, whether it's playing, watching or teaching.  I enjoy working with children and teaching healthy, lifelong activities to benefit their lives.  As an educator I will make a difference in the lives of children.  I love my health and physical education classes at UNI.  The WRC is an incredible facility filled with opportunities and classes I would have never considered taking in college such as scuba diving, cross-country skiing, swimming, dance and rock climbing.  Almost all of the classes are very hands on and applicable to our futures.  The instructors are phenomenal and really get to know their students.  They show that they care, they know our names, they want us to be the best that we can be and succeed in our future.  Upon graduating I hope to become a health and physical education teacher in elementary or middle school.  I would also love to coach swimming.  I plan to stay in Iowa and become a skydiving instructor to occupy the summer months and weekends."  Caitlin Schaeffer


Jana Callahan is glad she can "really make a difference."


"I always knew I wanted to go into education; however, I really felt an enthusiasm and passion for PE/Health because it is an ever-changing field that is becoming more and more necessary to emphasize in schools.  Physical and Health Education given to students is information and applications that need to be developed and practiced throughout a lifetime.  I love that I am able to physically, mentally, and socially interact with my students on a daily basis, and really emphasize the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle.  I work up to the challenge of presenting PE and Health in a positive, exciting way so that my students want to practice healthy skills.  My classes at UNI were a very positive experience for me.  The class sizes are a great size, in which you are able to meet many new people, but at the same time, feel like you can have a personal connection to the professor and the class.  All of the professors are very dedicated to their particular areas within the PE/Health Department, and they demonstrate this through their knowledge, ideas, and activities in class.  The professors truly are there to benefit the students.  They do their best to work with you, and give you many opportunities and experiences to be successful.  They are very personable as well.  I graduated from UNI and moved back to Illinois, yet I still keep in regular touch with many of my professors throughout the years.  I feel extremely comfortable with all of them, and feel fortunate that I can rely on them to answer any questions or concerns I might have."  Kelly Papesh


"I want to impact the lives of the youth and teaching is a great platform to do so.  Health and physical activity are two things that I value greatly and I want to pass that value onto others.  I believe that the health of an individual impacts everything they do.  So, by influencing the health and wellness of individuals I can help them to become successful in what they choose to do"  Joshua Reuter