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Goal 1: Lead the state and nation by developing highly effective professional prepared to educate, serve, and lead future generations.

Objective 1.1: Provide intellectually stimulating and challenging experiences for students.


Strategy 1.1.1: Collect immediate and longitudinal data from students/graduates regarding the impact of their coursework. 

Benchmark: 90% satisfaction on core competencies at graduation, 80% at year 3 (70% response rate, showing high connectivity with alums), and 70% at year 5 (60% response rate).

2012-2013 goal: Determine what data is already being collected at the College and University levels.  Establish baseline data in the spring of 2013.

Status: 15%


Strategy 1.1.5: Gather and document use of data for individual and program assessments in a continuous improvement cycle and to revise curriculum.

Benchmark: Increasing each important metric.

2012-2013 goal: (a) increase SOA Submission, and (b) set up COE data dashboard.

(a) increase graduate SOA submission

Actual in 2011-2012 26%

Goal for 2012-2013 70%

Actual in 2012-2013: 92% undergrad and 100% graduate

Status: Complete 

(b) set up COE data dashboard

Status: Complete

Objective 1.2: Evaluate and adapt all preparation programs to focus on 21st Century skills and create professionals who are developmentally, linguistically, culturally, and technologically competent

 Tactic Implement the re-evaluation process for the Ed.D program.

Benchmark: 75% of doc students are satisfied with the Ed.D program. 

2012-13 goal: revise Ed.D program: submit all curriculum change documents

 Status: Complete



Goal 2: Faculty will distinguish themselves by engaging in creative and intellectually rigorous teaching, scholarship, and service.

Objective 2.1: Faculty will engage in ongoing professional support and development to enhance effective teaching.


Strategy 2.1.1:Develop active professional communities to support quality teaching.

Benchmark: 5+ active professional communities devoted to quality teching.

2012-2013 goal:See if there are any at present.  Identify areas of common interest and process for forming and supporting teaching PLCs.

Status: 20% complete

Tactic 2.1.1: Examine and refine department faculty mentoring processes.

Benchmark: (a) each department has a mentoring process that is consistent across COE, (b) 100% of untenured faculty are mentored, (c) 100% of faculty mentors receive training in mentoring, untenured faculty indicate satisfaction with mentoring (based on survey.)

2012-2013 goal: Document what each department does.

Status: Not Started

Strategy 2.1.2: Provide ongoing professional development and support for effective teaching.

Tactic 2.1.1: use data to inform curricular and pedagogical decision making.

Benchmark: Implement an annual data day where faculty convene to examine data, reflect on positives and weaknesses, and deliberate on changes to make.  Outcomes are identified and change documented.

2012-2013 goal: prepare COE accountability framework

Status: Complete

Objective 2: Faculty will engage in scholarship that has links to teaching and service.

Strategy 2.2.3: Recognize and promote scholarship in multiple formats (scholarship of discovery, integration, application, or teaching).

Ultimate goal: Find ways to better promote and support scholarship in multiple forms, including acceptance by faculty and PACs.

2012-2013 goal: Start newsletter, begin discussion of the value of multiple formats of scholarship.

Status: Not Started

Objective 2.3: Faculty will engage in collaborative service which is linked to teaching and scholarship and makes a substantive impact. 

Strategy 2.3.1:  Develop active professional communities to support quality service.

Benchmark:  All faculty indicate appropriate level of service on Faculty Activity Report (FAR).

2012-2013 goal:  Establish clear expectations of “quality” service by department and place definition within online Faculty Activity Report (FAR).

Status: Not yet started

Objective 2.4: Recruit, develop and retain faculty who are distinguished by their creative and intellectually rigorous teaching, scholarship, and service. 

Strategy 2.3.1:  Develop clear guidelines for faculty tenure, promotion, and merit.

Benchmark:  Consistent expectations are established.  Departmental guidelines approved by leadership team.

2012-2013 goal:  Review PAC documents and update to offer consistent expectations.

Status: Not yet started

Objective 2.5: Develop and expand alternative delivery models that extend beyond the UNI campus.

Strategy 2.5.1:  Develop a comprehensive plan/roadmap for distance education and alternative program delivery at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Benchmark:  90% of plan implemented.

2012-2013 goal:  Develop a plan in conjunction with Continuing Education and ITS-Education personnel.

Status: Not yet started



Goal 3: Create, maintain, and enhance a culture that is characterized by a proactive commitment to diversity, collegiality, and mutual respect.

Objective 3.1: Faculty, staff, and students will demonstrate a commitment to diversity, collegiality, and mutual respect among all members of the college community.


Objective 3.1: Faculty, staff, and students will demonstrate a commitment to diversity, collegiality, and mutual respect among all members of the college community.

Strategy 3.1.1:  Create ongoing professional development to increase faculty and staff cultural competence and commitment to social justice.

Benchmark:  3/year.

2012-2013 goal:  (a) determine 2011-2012 number as a baseline; (b) have at least 2.

Status: Complete


Objective 3.2: Recruit and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and student body. 

Strategy 3.2.1:  Increase by 10% the diversity of the faculty and staff within COE.

Benchmark:  Increase 10% by 2016-17.

2012-2013 goal:  (a) determine 2011-2012 number as a baseline.




Strategy 3.2.2:  Increase by 10% the number of students of color within COE.

Benchmark:  Increase by 10%.

2012-2013 goal:  (a) determine 2011-2012 number as a baseline.


GOAL 4: Increase resources, including human, capital, and informational.

OBJ 4.1:  Hire strategically additional faculty/staff members. 

Strategy 4.1.3:  Bundle salary savings to strategically hire when department, division, or program resources are inadequate to support a new hire (that is, beyond simply replacing a retiree).

Benchmark:  Increase number of faculty by 2016-17.

2012-2013 goal:  (a) determine 2011-2012 number as a baseline; (b) obtain at least one (1) bundled position.

Status:(a) Complete (see "COE Fact Sheet" for numbers)

           (b) Complete


OBJ 4.2:  Increase focus on obtaining internal and external funds. 

Strategy 4.2.1:  Work with OSP to solicit grants that are aligned with the mission.

Benchmark:  Annual increase in applications & funding.

2012-2013 goal:  Determine current grant applications (as of July 2012) and funding as a baseline.

Status: 40% complete


Objective 4.3: Strengthen the communication and informational network for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the public.


Strategy 4.3.2:Update bi-yearly COE, department, division, and program websites and communication plans.

Benchmark: Update report to Leadership Team in August and January of each year.

2012-2013 goal: Update all Webs and communication plans.

Status: Website Updates Complete

           Communication Plan Updates Complete

GOAL 5: Establish and enhance strong, mutually beneficial relationships with external constituencies.

Objective 5.1: Expand and improve the network of external partners engaged with COE programs.


Tactic Recognize partnerships on a special link off the COE webpage.

Benchmark: Assure new partnerships or partnership updates are included on the COE website.

2012-2013 goal: Identify and implement needed changes to current Website.

Status: 40%

Objective 5.2: Influence local, state, and national policy development.

Strategy 5.2.3:  Develop informative webinars, workshops, and scholarly papers to influence practice.

Benchmark:  90% of faculty actively influencing practice.

2012-2013 goal:  Gather initial data from faculty activity survey.

Status: 25%

Strategy 5.2.4:  Establish consistent communication with legislators and policymakers.

Benchmark:  Plan for consistent legislative communication implemented.

2012-2013 goal:  Identify current legislative connectivity.

Status: Not started