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GOAL 5: Establish and enhance strong, mutually beneficial relationships with external constituencies.

Continuous discussion: Who are our external constituents?  Schools, PreK-12 students, parents/families, educators, alumni, prospective donors, local and national foundations, Iowa DE, USDE, legislators, community leaders, business leaders, Iowa taxpayers.

University Alignment: G3.Obj3 - Expand and improve the network of external partners involved in educator preparation programs.  G5 - Enhance the economic, social, cultural, and sustainable development of the state.

OBJ 5.1: Expand and improve the network of external partners engaged with COE programs.

S5.1.1: Recognize and support external professional partnerships to promote exemplary teaching, research, scholarship, and creative activity.

T5.1.1.1: Facilitate and coordinate opportunities for faculty to meet with practitioners, policymakers, and community members.

S5.1.2: Enhance UNI's reputation in pre k-12 education, leadership development, and community impact.

S5.1.3: Enhance existing and establish additional professional development partnerships (PDP).

T5.1.3.1: Expand the Professional Development Partnerships network to schools in the Cedar Valley.

T5.1.3.2: Establish new Professional Educational Partnerships (PEP) sites with Iowa schools.

T5.1.3.3: Collaborate and coordinate the delivery of integrated, interdisciplinary, and innovative professional development opportunities supporting diverse, inclusive, individualized, and responsive learning environments.

S5.1.4: Collaborate with the Iowa Department of Education to develop Iowa's Research and Development School as a leading demonstration site for innovative evidence-based practice.

S5.1.5: Increase connections with and contributions to the mission and programs of UNI-CUE.

T5.1.5.1: Increase the number of students and faculty serving the UNI-CUE Tutoring Center.

S5.1.6: Utilize advisory boards to enhance and promote programs.

T5.1.6.1: Provide professional development for creation and effective use of advisory boards. 

T5.1.6.2: Publish the advisory councils on individual department and COE websites, recognizing the contributions of the boards’ memberships.

S5.1.7: Promote a culture that recognizes and rewards faculty and staff for external collaborative partnerships and contributions.

T5.1.7.1: Review and revise PAC procedures and expectations to value engagement in collaborative partnerships.

T5.1.7.2: Recognize these partnerships on a special link off the COE webpage.

T5.1.7.3: Produce short videos highlighting these partnerships and stream them on the COE website.

OBJ5.2: Influence local, state, and national policy development.

S5.2.1: Increase the number of media interviews, written and published opinion pieces.

S5.2.2: Increase participation in advisory groups and professional organizations.

S5.2.3: Develop informative webinars and white papers to influence practice.

S5.2.4: Establish consistent communication with legislators and policymakers.

OBJ 5.3: Provide and promote opportunities to enhance quality of life for Iowans.

S5.3.1: Expand COE outreach programs to the community.

T5.3.1.1: Expand and enhance UNI-CUE outreach programs.

T5.3.1.2: Increase summer enrichment, tutoring, and camp opportunities.