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GOAL 4: Increase resources, including human, capital, and informational.

University Alignment:  G.6 - Ensure accountability, affordability, and access.


OBJ 4.1:  Hire strategically additional faculty/staff members to replace retired or resigned faculty/staff.

S4.1.1:  Solicit support from the Provost to add faculty/staff lines by showcasing savings from other Provost invested initiatives.

S4.1.2:  Seek funding to establish Endowed Chairs.

S4.1.3:  Bundle salary savings to supplement hires when department, division, or program resources are inadequate to support a new hire.

S4.1.4:  Seek joint sponsorship of faculty/staff hiring with schools, agencies, businesses, organizations, and other external collaborators.

OBJ 4.2:  Increase focus on obtaining external funds.

S4.2.1:  Work with Office of Sponsored Programs to solicit grants that are aligned with the mission.

T4.2.1.1:  Develop infrastructure for obtaining and implementing grant. 

T4.2.1.2: Create a mechanism to recognize and showcase grants received and implemented.

S4.2.2:  Solicit donations from corporations, private funders, and foundations through the support of the University’s Foundation Office.

T4.2.2.1: Increase connectivity between departments and the Foundation Office.

T4.2.2.2:  Increase the number of major giving and annual giving donors.

T4.2.2.3:  Seek sponsorship of large scale projects and initiatives such as endowed chairs, room renovations, and Iowa Educators Hall of Fame.

OBJ4.3:  Strengthen the communication and informational network for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the public.

S4.3.1:  Develop and implement a plan for strengthening informational resources.

T4.3.1: Create a task force to develop the plan.

T4.3.2: Monitor the implementation of the developed plan.

T4.3.3: Reallocate funds to support technology enhancements.

S4.3.2:  Maintain updated department, division, and program websites.

T4.3.2.1: Provide website training for appropriate personnel.

T4.3.2.2: Develop new communication systems beyond web-based using new technologies.

T4.3.2.3: Gather information from students on what are options for up-to-date communication formats in use.

T4.3.2.4: Develop communication systems to notify parents of events.