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GOAL 3: Create, maintain, and enhance a culture that is characterized by a proactive commitment to diversity, collegiality, and mutual respect.

University Alignment: G3 - Create and maintain an inclusive educational environment that prepares students to thrive in a diverse global environment.


OBJ3.1: Faculty, staff, and students will demonstrate a commitment to diversity, collegiality, and mutual respect among all members of the college community.

S3.1.1: Create ongoing professional development to increase faculty and staff cultural competence.

T3.1.1.1: Encourage faculty and staff to participate annually in one or more college/university cultural competence professional development opportunities. 

S3.2.1: Review curricula to support development of cultural competency among students.

T3.2.1.1 Support faculty conducted program review to increase opportunities for cultural competency development and alignment.

T3.2.1.2 Identify and/or develop co-curricular activities that support students’ development and practice of cultural competencies.

S3.3.1: Identify areas of tension and conflict within the college/university community.

T3.3.1.1: Create and conduct a survey to identify common areas of tension and conflict among and between faculty and staff.

T3.3.1.2: Create a faculty-staff committee that will use survey data to address identified interpersonal issues and commitment to civility.

OBJ3.2 Recruit and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.

S3.2.1: Increase by 10% the diversity of the faculty within the College of Education by 2016.

T3.2.1.1: Diversity Committee assists and supports departments in ongoing faculty recruitment activities.

T3.2.1.2: Provide professional development to ensure that the unique needs and interests of diverse faculty applicants are acknowledged and addressed according to OCEM guidelines throughout the search process.

T3.2.1.3: Assure that all faculty and staff members participate in OCEM search committee training prior to being assigned to a search committee.

S3.2.2: Increase by 10% the diversity of staff within the College of Education by 2016.

T3.2.2.1: Assure that all searches follow OCEM guidelines to ensure fair search processes within the restrictions establish by collective bargaining agreements.

S3.2.3: Increase by 15% the diversity of the student body within the College of   Education by 2016 using the established UNI measures and the Federal guidelines focused on domestic diversity.

T3.2.3.1: Recruit and retain advising personnel to lead efforts to diversify the student body.

T3.2.3.2: Provide professional development opportunities for faculty to develop stronger skills in mentoring and advising students from diverse backgrounds.