A Rhythmic Road to Learning

UNI student and young hip hopHip hop literacy camp practice UNI College of EducationHip hop literacy leaders and UNI studentswriting hip hop lyrics for literacyThe dictionary definition of literacy is “the ability to read and write.”  Hip hop requires both, as kids involved in the Hip Hop Literacy Camp have found over the past three years. UNI College of Education faculty member Shuaib Meacham along with Lamont Muhammed, a fifth grade Waterloo teacher (also working on his doctor of education degree at UNI) have teamed up to help 5- to 14-year-olds find their voice -- and their stories -- every summer. And, as with so many programs here, UNI students gained valuable experience while assisting. The full story is in the latest issue of Premier magazine.  UNI hip hop literacy camp 2019 Hip hop literacy camp Hip hop literacy in studioPracticing hip hop literacy

Young hip hop literacy group

Lamont and student at hip hop literacy