A New Path to Master's in Athletic Training

Developing your long-term plan for becoming an athletic trainer? Now you have a new pathway to reach your goals with a blended 3+2 degree program that helps you achieve your bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.

Currently at UNI, you can complete a four-year undergraduate degree in athletic training and rehabilitation studies. This lays the foundation for the two-year master’s in athletic training program, where you’ll earn your Master in Athletic Training (MATR) and be in position to seek certification as an athletic trainer. 

Effective fall 2022, you have another option:

  • Three years in the athletic training and rehabilitation studies program;
  • Two years in the master’s in athletic training program;  
  • Upon completion, you earn both the BA and MATR degrees and will be ready for certification. 

The blended program results in one less year in the program and one less year of graduate tuition. Kelli Snyder, program director of athletic training in the Department of Health, Recreation and Community Services, notes this is an intensive program.

“We’re happy to offer this streamlined option while recognizing that it’s not for everyone. For those who find this a fit, it’s great to have this additional flexibility,” says Snyder. “Our nationally accredited program is rigorous, demanding and successful. We have a long tradition of excellent outcomes and placement upon graduation with our many alumni, something we expect from all of our graduates, whatever their choice.” 

The master’s program is CAATE accredited.  For detailed information on the current and new options, contact athletic-training@uni.edu or connect directly with Snyder at kelli.snyder@uni.ed