Core Course: Classroom Assessment

Program Description

This is one of four courses taught by Educational Psychology, Foundations and Leadership Studies (EPFLS) faculty as part of the professional sequence of core courses taken by all Teacher Education Program students. ​Together, these courses provide a shared foundation of the psychological and social foundations of educational practice that you'll experience at all educational levels (early childhood, elementary, middle level and secondary). 

In Classroom Assessment, EPFLS faculty provide an introduction to the purposes and development of classroom assessment with a focus on diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment. Additional course topics include assessment ethics, standards of quality in assessment, communication of assessment data, the use of assessment data to make instructional decisions, and standardized assessment. Prerequisite(s): TEACHING 2017; EDPSYCH 2030 (200:030). Registration requires full admission to the Teacher Education Program. Must have a cumulative 2.50 GPA or higher to enroll in this course. Physical education majors may substitute PEMES 3174 (420:174) for MEASRES 3150 (250:150). Early childhood education majors and music education majors will be waived from MEASRES 3150 (250:150). Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): TEACHING 3128; EDPSYCH 3148 (200:148). (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Program Faculty and Staff

Radhi Al-Mabuk, Ph.D.
Professor & Coordinator, Professional Development for Teachers Program (on-campus)
Nicole Skaar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Coordinator, School Psychology Program