Principalship MAE/ASC

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Program Description

The UNI Principalship Preparation Program welcomes teacher leaders who aspire to become principals or special education supervisors at the building/district/AEA levels. Candidates will engage in an intensive process of personal and professional reflection and growth and become knowledgeable in the six Iowa Standards of School Leaders (ISSL) areas: 

  • Shared Vision
  • Culture of Learning
  • Management
  • Family and Community
  • Ethics
  • Societal Context

Upon completion of the two-year program, graduates will be prepared to lead in the areas of Learning, Service, and Change.


Course Requirements for PK-12 Principalship/PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education
*Must have an approved master's degree for ASC Certification

  • Orientation to ISSL and Educational Leadership
  • School Management for Student Learning and Achievement
  • Evaluator Approval for Improved Student Learning
  • Leading, Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum (web)
  • Internship: Seminar
  • Leadership for Effective Schools and Organizations
  • Seminar: School Leadership
  • School Governance, Law, and Intersystems Relations
  • Leading School Growth and Improvement
  • Educational Research
  • Internship
  • Special Education Law and Policy
  • Seminar: Community Connections
  • Activities Administration (Web Elective)
  • Capstone: ISSL (Web)
  • Leading Instruction in Schools

Total units = 35

Additional Program Requirements:

  • Completion of Internship Reflections
  • Development and Presentation of Comprehensive School Leadership Portfolio


Program Faculty and Staff

Primary Faculty and Staff Contacts
Carol Bean
Secretary III
Timothy Gilson, Ed.D.
Assistant Department Head & Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Coordinator, International Teacher Leader Program
Kim Huckstadt, Ed.D.
Instructor, Educational Leadership Ed.D. Program Coordinator
Loleta Montgomery
Program Assistant, Educational Leadership
Faculty photo
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Denise Schares, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Coordinator, Superintendent Program
Faculty photo
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Application Process


Step I:

Applicants must first complete the Graduate Application. There will be a $60 application fee for admission to the program (unless you graduated from UNI with a B.A., M.A., or M.A.E.).

When prompted to select a program, type Principal to select one of the following:

  • Advanced Studies Certificate - Principalship (26PGPRE)
  • Principalship - MAE (268GPRE)

ASC-Principalship-26PGPRE (if you already have M.A./M.A.E. degree) to obtain an Advanced Studies Certificate (ASC) with endorsement as PK-12 Principal/PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education.

Principalship-MAE-268GPRE to obtain a Master of Arts in Education (M.A.E.) degree with endorsement as PK-12 Principal/PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education

Respond to the remaining prompts in the application.

Our department will verify with the BOEE that you have a standard license, which is required for acceptance into the program.  When contacted by the department’s program assistant, applicants in their second year on an initial license must email a letter from the evaluator/principal stating that they will be recommended for the standard license at the end of the current school year.

Review/Admission Process

After all required application documents have been submitted prior to or by the deadline, the Department of Educational Psychology, Foundations and Leadership Studies faculty will review the application, and, if accepted, will forward a recommendation to the Graduate College for final approval.

All applicants will be notified of their status: Unconditional Admission, Provisional Admission or Denied.

Once approved, the department will assign an advisor and provide enrollment information.