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Educational Psychology, Foundations and Leadership Studies
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Desislava Stoycheva, Ed.D.

Areas of Expertise: 

Educational Psychology
Curriculum & Instruction

Courses Taught: 

Introductory Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Development of Middle School Child
Human and Work Relations
Learning and Motivation
English Literature and Grammar
Bulgarian Literature and Grammar
English as a Foreign Language

Research Interests: 

Broad research interests in educational psychology with a focus on cognition and learning. In particular, existing experience in STEM education, reading comprehension, and interpersonal forgiveness. Specific interest in a multidisciplinary approach to learning and studying the role of individuals' background differences in understanding and interpreting social contexts. Such knowledge can aid the process of curriculum development and instructional interventions design.

Professional Affiliations: 

American Educational Research Association, Division C: Learning and Instruction
American Psychological Association, Division 15: Educational Psychology


Ed.D., 2018, University of Northern Iowa