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Sadie Loy

School Psychology graduate student - class of 2014

Why did you choose UNI’s School Psychology program?

I have grown up in Cedar Falls and lived here my whole life. I went to my undergrad at UNI and I love the school and knew I liked it here.  UNI is also the only Ed.S. program in Iowa and I wanted to stay in Iowa. I also liked that we were in the schools right away.

What experiences did you have prior to UNI? (undergraduate, work, etc)

I worked for 2 years at the UNI child development center.  I had 2 years of research experience during my undergrad.

What have you gained from the School Psychology program at UNI?

A lot.  A new perspective on School psych and the school systems.  I have new respect for teachers and what they do.  I have also learned how to manage my time.

What are your career plans after UNI?

I plan to be a school psych. I am very interested into looking into Heartland Area Education Agency, but I also like what I have seen in AEA 267.  I’m very excited to get into the schools.

Any advice for prospective students?

Make sure you know what a school psych does.  If you have the opportunity to shadow do it, look for that opportunity.  Be ready to work hard and learn a lot.

What is something unique about you?

I coach Cedar Falls High Dance Team.  I have lived in Cedar Falls my whole life, so if you have any questions, find me!