Professional Core Courses

Approximately 82% of our credit hours are generated through undergraduate Teacher Education in which we provide part of the Professional Education Sequence. Provides 4 of the Professional Education Sequence courses all candidates take. We have a 98% pass rate on the Praxis II PLT, which assesses professional core content.

The faculty are divided into teams representing our major roles and the courses we teach within the Professional Education Sequence.

Learning Team
(EDPSYCH 3148)

Benjamin Forsyth

Tony Gabriele 

Elana Joram

Ron Rinehart (coord.)

Development Team
(EDPSYCH 3109)

Suzy Freedman

Deb Deemer (coord.)

Stephanie Schmitz

Assessment Team
(MEASRES 3150)

Nicki Skaar (coord.)

Radhi Al-Mabuk

Rob Boody 

Social Foundations Team

Scott Ellison  (coord.)

Greg Bourassa