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Molly Freie

School Psychology graduate student - class of 2015



Why did you choose UNI’s School Psychology program?

 I chose UNI's School Psychology program because it was close to home and seemed to have a good reputation.



What experiences did you have prior to UNI? (undergraduate, work, etc)

Prior to UNI, I attended Buena Vista University and double majored in psychology and human services. During this time, I was also working at an elementary school as a teacher's associate. I loved working in a school and helping kids. I stumbled upon the field of school psychology when I met the school district's school psychologist. School psychology seemed like a good fit considering my interests.


What have you gained from the School Psychology program at UNI?

So far, being inthe school psychology program has reaffirmed my desire to help children succeed in school. The practicum experiences have been especially helpful to see school psychology practice firsthand.


What are your career plans after UNI?

  After UNI, I plan on staying in Iowa. I'm hoping to find a school psychologist position within AEA 267. 


Any advice for prospective students?

I would advise prospective students to visit campus and maybe even tryto sit in on some classes. I wasn't really sure what to expect in grad school. Fortunately, professors are very helpful about all the requirements to make it through the program. I would also recommend that prospective students shadow a school psychologist and ask a lot of questions to really found out what a school psychologist does.


What is something unique about you?  

  I'm currently training for my first marathon with another member of my cohort. Grad school can be intense at times, and it has really helped having an outlet for stress relief!