MAE: Professional Development for Teachers

The MAE in Educational Psychology: Professional Development for Teachers is specially designed to fulfill the professional development needs of experienced teachers. The intent of the program is to enable participants to increase their knowledge base in content areas or to develop expertise in new content areas while sharpening their understanding and skills as classroom teachers. The program seeks to provide a course of study directly tied to teaching practice, in which course selection, student learning, and required research are organized around issues and problems that teachers view as important. The degree program provides opportunities for exploring the relationship between theory and practice, with a focus on improving student learning. The program presents a variety of opportunities for peer collaboration, development of strategies for implementing innovations in classroom practice, and thoughtful analysis of contemporary issues and problems facing teachers.

There are currently two different versions of this program being offered.

1.  The "classic" version.  Any practicing teacher is welcome to apply to this program at any time. This version has the greatest flexibility and the widest array of courses available. 

Program Coordinator for classic version:

Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk 

(319) 273-2609


2. The fully online version. This program follows a cohort model. The first cohort began in Fall 2011. A second cohort began Fall 2013. All coursework is carried out online. Professional Development for Teachers (MAE).

Program Coordinators for online version: 

Dr. Elana Joram
(319) 273-7283

Dr. Suzanne Freedman
(319) 273-2483