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Greg Halsor

School Psychology graduate student - class of 2013

Why did you choose UNI’s School Psychology program?

I had been laid off from my previous job and was looking to further my education in the field of psychology. I considered going into teaching; however, I discovered the classes I needed would take almost as long as my undergraduate degree. I found out about the UNI school psychology program and felt like it would be a perfect fit. The two-year program offered many interesting courses along with an extensive practicum experience.

What experiences did you have prior to UNI? (undergraduate, work, etc)

Prior to enrolling at UNI, I was a counselor for juvenile delinquents for eight years. I also acquired three years of sales and marketing experience, but my true calling always seem to be in the field of psychology. Although I am a nontraditional student with a family, I have been able to manage my time to meet the expectations of the program without causing detriment to my family life.

What have you gained from the School Psychology program at UNI?

I have gained extensive knowledge related to the current field of school psychology, response to intervention, data collection and interpretation, assessment, and consultation. I have also learned how school systems interact with general and special education students along with the legal aspects of dealing with these populations.

What are your career plans after UNI?

I would like to become a school psychologist in a secondary school and use my skills to assist students to receive their education in the least restrictive environment. Regarding where I am placed, I would like to stay in the area or to a location with a preferential climate.

Any advice for prospective students?

I would advise any prospective students to visit the campus, research the program, and determine if UNI is a good fit for you. I would also advise a prospective student to start a list of questions they may have about the field school psychology which could be answered during correspondence with faculty or any subsequent visits.

What is something unique about you?  

When I am not attending classes or working on homework, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports, and participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.