Educational Studies Minor

Teachers are not the only ones who need to understand the learning process. As professionals, parents, voters, social innovators and members of an informed society, we all need to understand the educational process and how learning happens.

Students who minor in Educational Studies explore the intersection of learning, education and society. Coursework provides opportunities for students to study the learning process, the organization of schooling, its links to broader political and historical contexts, and the potential of educational systems to bring about social change. This interdisciplinary program is designed for undergraduates not majoring in teacher education and is offered jointly by the colleges of Education; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Business; and Humanities, Arts and Sciences.

The Educational Studies minor can be a valuable program addition for students pursuing careers in the social and behavioral sciences, law, medicine, social justice or youth services among many other career goals. The minor is appropriate for non-teacher education majors who want to enhance their understanding of educational policy; for students who plan careers in fields where they might deal with issues related to educational institutions; and for students interested in a broad introduction to educational issues they experienced as students as well as those they will confront as citizens and parents.

The Educational Studies minor is administered through the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations and is under the supervision of the Educational Studies Advisory Committee.

For more information, contact Anthony Gabriele, Schindler Education Center 515, (319) 273-2899,

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