PK-12 Principal / PK-12 Special Education Supervisor

The UNI Principalship Preparation Program welcomes teacher leaders who aspire to become principals or special education supervisors at the building/district/AEA levels. Candidates will engage in an intensive process of personal and professional reflection and growth and become knowledgeable in the six Iowa Standards of School Leaders areas: 

  • Shared Vision
  • Culture of Learning
  • Management
  • Family and Community
  • Ethics
  • Societal Context

Upon completion of the two year program, graduates will be prepared to lead in the areas of Learning, Service, and Change.

Learning at the speed of life...

  • Convenient, interactive learning experiences available thru online platforms, as well as a short on-campus experience during the first summer of the program

An individualized experience...

  • An extensive and rigorous internship experience under the direction of an on-site principal and UNI field supervisor

We've been there...

  • Learning facilitated by a creative, award-winning faculty with decades of combined real-world school leadership experiences


Course Requirements for PK-12 Principalship/PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education.

*Must have an approved Master’s Degree for ASC Certification

EDLEAD 6206 Orientation to ISSL and Educational Leadership, 2 units

EDLEAD 6247 School Management for Student Learning and Achievement, 3 units

EDLEAD 6284 Evaluator Approval for Improved Student Learning, 3 units

EDLEAD 6249 Leading, Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum (web), 3 units

EDLEAD 6291 Internship: Seminar, 1 unit

EDLEAD 6245 Leadership for Effective Schools and Organizations, 3 units

EDLEAD 6289 Seminar: School Leadership (3 weeks), 2 units

EDLEAD 6232 School Governance, Law, and Intersystems Relations (6 weeks), 3 units

EDLEAD 6282 Leading School Growth and Improvement, 2 units

MEASRES 6205 Educational Research, 3 units

EDLEAD 6291 Internship, 1 unit

SPED 6260 Special Education Law and Policy (6 weeks), 3 units

EDLEAD 6235 Seminar: Community Connections, 2 units


EDLEAD 6225 Activities Administration (Web Elective)

EDLEAD 6292 Capstone: ISSL (Web), 1 unit

EDLEAD 6248 Leading Instruction in Schools, 3 units

Total units = 35

Additional Program Requirements:

  • Completion of Internship Reflections
  • Development and Presentation of Comprehensive School Leadership Portfolio


How To Apply

Step I:

Applicants must first complete the Graduate Application.. There will be a $60 application fee for admission to the program (unless you graduated from UNI with a BA, MA, or MAE).

    Select one of the following programs:

Principalship-MAE-268GPRE to obtain a Master of Arts in Education (MAE) degree with endorsement as PK-12 Principal/PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education


ASC-Principalship-26GPR (if you already have MA/MAE degree) to obtain an Advanced Studies Certificate (ASC) with endorsement as PK-12 Principal/PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education

Step II:

Applicants submit required documents to support the application for admission. Deadline for applying is April 15 of each year.

Email items 1, 2, and 3 to (Office of Admissions):

  1. Statement explaining why the applicant is interested in obtaining an administrative leadership position
  2. Writing Sample responding to this question: “What are the key critical issues facing PK-12 school systems and how will your leadership impact those key issues?” (No more than two pages, typed, double-spaced, one inch margin, 12 point type)
  3. Resume including the following:
  • Educational Background
  • Leadership/Teaching/Work Experience
  • Professional Development Activities/Professional Memberships
  • Related Activities (community involvement, other work with students/adults, etc.)

Our department will verify with the BOEE that applicant has a standard license, which is required for acceptance into the program.

Letters of Recommendation

During the application process you will be asked for the name and e-mail address of two recommendations - one MUST be from an administrator who is knowledgeable about your performance and leadership potential. No other forms of letters of recommendation will be accepted.


Official Copy of Transcripts must be requested and sent directly to UNI Admissions Office (Gilchrist 002 c/o Graduate Admissions, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0018), unless all of your undergraduate and graduate hours are from UNI. “Official” means transcripts are sent directly from Registrar to Registrar. No transcripts handled by students will be accepted.

Step III:

Review/Admission Process:

Upon receipt of the required application documents prior to or by the deadline, the application will be reviewed by the Department of Educational Leadership Faculty and a recommendation forwarded to the Graduate College for final approval.

All applicants will be notified of their status: Unconditional Admission, Provisional Admission or Denied.

Once approved, the Department will assign an advisor and provide enrollment information.