MA - Teacher Leadership for International Educators

The department of Educational Leadership, Office of International/Out-of-State Student Teaching and Continuing Education have joined together to offer a graduate program designed specifically for teacher leaders in American International Schools worldwide.

Focus on Leadership

The MA program for Teacher Leaders in American International Schools is tailored to accommodate the schedule of K-12 practicing educators in international settings. This program is framed around the Teacher Leader Model Standards (Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium).

The program is built upon research-based teacher leader standards that lead to competencies necessary for assuming instructional and school leadership roles.

The competencies include the following domains:

I. Fostering a collaborative culture to support educator development and student learning

II. Accessing and using research to improve practice and student learning

III. Promoting professional learning for continuous improvement

IV. Facilitating improvement in instruction and student learning

V. Promoting the use of assessments and data for school improvement

VI. Improving outreach and collaboration with families and community

VII. Advocating for student learning and the profession


For more information on about the overview, frequently asked questions, application process and contact information, please visit the Office of Continuing and Distance Education page.