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Iowa Superintendents Finance & Leadership Consortium (ISFLC)
The Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) and its Cash Management Programs, School Cash Anticipation Program (ISCAP) and the Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust (ISJIT) in partnership with the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) at the University of Northern Iowa, has formed the Iowa Superintendents Finance and Leadership Consortium (ISFLC), a professional development program for Iowa superintendents to expand their knowledge base and develop fiscal management and leadership skills. The Consortium regularly offers one and three-quarter day sessions to meet the varied fiscal management and leadership needs of Iowa superintendents.

Who Participates in ISFLC?

ISFLC programs are available to all practicing Iowa superintendents, aspiring superintendents, and business managers/board secretaries invited by their superintendents.  More than 800 school leaders representing every school district in Iowa have participated in ISFLC conferences.  ISFLC is considered one of the state's premiere professional development programs.

Iowa Superintendents, aspiring superintendents, and board secretaries/business managers are invited to ISFLC conferences held twice each year. For information, please contact ISFLC Director, Dr.