Information for Students

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to student teach:

  • be fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program.  (This is a requirement before registering for any Level II class.)
  • completed the High Risk Behaviors/Substance Abuse seminar.
  • attend Student Teaching Orientation on first two days of each semester     

Fall Orientation is for fall of the following school year.  Students who miss Orientation must view the video available in the IRTS Lab, SEC 222, before coming to SEC 509 to pick up a student teaching packet

  • meet all grade point average requirements for student teaching:

            a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher on work at all colleges and universities
            a UNI GPA of 2.50 or higher
            a  2.50 GPA in my academic department (major)

Note:  Math majors are required to have a departmental GPA of 2.25 or higher AND departmental approval.
            a 2.50 or higher cumulative GPA and a grade of C-(1.67) or higher in each Professional Education Sequence course (effective January 1, 2009)
            all methods courses listed as prerequisites for student teaching with a grade of C (2.00) or higher as well as other departmental requirements.
NOTE:  Check for specific department requirements when more than one professional methods course is required.  Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School/Junior High School majors and Special Education minors are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and not lower than a C (2.00) in methods courses that are required prerequisites for student teaching.

  • retained an acceptable professional disposition.
  • meet all other departmental requirements.

Note:  Health Education and Physical Education majors are required to have current First Aid and CPR certification prior to student teaching.

  • be responsible for all dates associated with student teaching process

Forms (Click the links below to download the following forms)


Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

The edTPA is an exhibit of teaching performance providing authentic evidence of a candidate's ability to impact student learning through the design and implementation of standards-based instruction.  It consists of a written context for the learning, a written explanation of the planning of the learning sequence, a video selection of the learning sequence, and a written analysis of student work (assessment section).  Students assess and analyze student learning, and reflect on the teaching and learning process through this work.


Guided by the Teacher Performance Assessment Rubrics, the teacher candidate will be expected to document his or her ability to:

1)  Use information about the learning/teaching context and student individual differences to set learning goals, plan instruction, and assess learning.

2)  Set significant, challenging, varied, and appropriate learning goals.

3)  Use multiple assessment modes and approaches aligned with the learning goals to assess student learning before, during, and after instruction.

4) Design instruction for specific learning goals, student characteristics and needs, and learning contexts.

5) Use ongoing analysis of student learning to make instructional decisions.

6) Use assessment data (student work) to profile student learning and communicate information about student progress and achievement.

7) Analyze the relationship between his or her instruction and student learning in order to improve teaching practice.


The Teacher Performance Assessment is one of multiple measures, along with classroom observations, midterm and final student teaching evaluations to assess teaching performance relative to national and state teaching standards.. The finished product can provide an important artifact that displays evidence consistent with requirements for permanent teaching licensure. 


Trained professors and practicing teachers will rate the Teacher Performance Assessment and provide feedback to the student teachers.  The purpose of this local rating is to provide detailed feedback to student teachers and to inform our teacher education program.  These local ratings do not reflect and are NOT related to the edTPa national scoring by Pearson.   group of the Teacher Performance Assessments may also be scored nationally.



Notice of Concern Process:

Click here to download a summary of the Notice of Concern Process

Click here to go to the Notice of Concern information on the  Teacher Education Website

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Registration:  Your student teaching registration will be completed by the Office of Student Field Experiences.   You will not be allowed to register for any classes during your student teaching semester.