How to Apply for UNI Students

UNI Students

Student Teaching Orientation Meeting
This meeting is held the first 2 days of the semester ONE YEAR PRIOR to your student teaching semester.  You will obtain mandatory paperwork and further information about upcoming meeting specific to Out-of-State and International Student Teaching.  

OOSI Informational Meetings
This meeting is held each semester in the initial weeks of classes.   You must attend this meeting ONE YEAR PRIOR to your student teaching semester.  Dates are announced at your Student Teaching Orientation Information meeting.

Complete Online Application on My Universe
Indicate a preference for student teaching in the Out of state or International Student Teaching Center.  Also indicate if you are requesting a full semester or half semester in this center. 

Complete 2 Letter of Recommendation Formsletter_of_rec_form.pdf
Download File


Complete Screening Interview Form

Download File

Complete Waiver of Liability Formwaiver_of_liability_and_medical_authorization.doc
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Sign up and Attend Screening Interviews

Interview sign-up sheets will be posted outside of SEC 509
These are professional interviews and should be treated as such. 
Bring these items to the interview:

  • 2 Recommendation Forms (or have sent to SEC 509 in advance of interview)
  • Completed and printed copy of your Screening Interview Questions
  • Signed Waiver of Liability and Medical Authorization

You will be notified by email of your acceptance into the Out-of-State and International Student Teaching Center.  This email will also inform you of the upcoming informational meeting.   If you have questions, please contact the UNI Student Teaching Office.

Placement Process
Please note specific placement arrangements are not arranged until the semester prior to you student teaching semester.  For further information on the placement process, please see FAQ's and What to Expect. 

Upon Placement Completion
Once your placement details have been finalized you need to schedule an Exit Interview with your UNI coordinator.  Please bring to your exit interview the completed Exit Interview Form.
Exit Interview Form