Anthony Gabriele, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
(319) 273-2899
Office Location: 

SEC 515


B.A. 1983 Clark University, Worcester, MA
M.A. 1989 University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. 1993 University of Pittsburgh

Areas of Expertise 

Psychology of Learning and Motivation
Quantitative Research Methods
Program Evaluation
Math education
At-risk students

Research Interests 

Collaborative Learning and Testing
Metacognitive and Motivational processes
Children's computational strategy development
Teacher learning

Courses Taught 

Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts
Teacher as Change Agent
Educational Research
Foundations of Instructional Psychology
Quantitative Methods in Educational Research

Professional Affiliations 

Association for Psychological Science
American Psychological Association, Dev 15 (Educational Psychology)


Helping teachers use content knowledge strategically
Helping teachers use instructional time strategically
Augmenting the curriculum with a reform-oriented approach to
learning basic number facts
Learning from skilled peers: Goal orientation as a factor
mediating patterns of participation of low achieving students
Reflective practice and the comprehension of mathematics