How To Apply

Application Procedure for Advanced Studies Certificate (ASC) (Superintendency) Applicants in Educational Leadership:



Applicants complete an Application for Graduate Study

Please indicate the following:  Advanced Study Certificate (ASC) 26S for Superintendency endorsement.

Note: There will be a $60 application fee for application for admission to the program (unless you graduated from UNI with a B.A. or M.A.E.). 



Applications are to be submitted electronically to UNI Admissions. Applicants need to submit a portfolio of materials which supports the application for admission, including items 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, to by November 11, 2016.  

This portfolio includes:

1. A letter of application, including a brief statement of personal motivation to seek an administrative leadership position or advanced professional development in the area of educational leadership. Applicant must at least be serving in first year as an administrator in order to make application for superintendent program. Please send your letter of application as a PDF attachment to


2. A two-page typed, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 point type, academic written essay focused on: 

"Leading Learning, Service, and Change in a PK-12 School District"

Please send your essay as a PDF attachment to



3. A vita which provides:

a) Educational Background

b) Leadership/Teaching/Work Experiences

c) Professional Development Activities/Professional Memberships

d) Related Activities (community involvement, other work with students/adults, etc.)

Please send your vita as a PDF attachment to


4. Three Recommendations for Admission -At least one of these recommendations should be from an administrator who is knowledgeable about your performance and leadership potential. When an applicant verbally requests that someone write a recommendation, the applicant is giving the University permission to receive the reference's comments. Recommendations must be submitted on the Recommendation Form.  No letters of recommendation will be accepted. Recommendations should be submitted electronically as an attachment to


5. Transcripts - request an official copy of all transcripts be sent directly to UNI Admissions Office (Gilchrist 002 c/o Graduate Admissions, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0018), unless all of your undergraduate and graduate hours are from UNI. "Official" means transcripts are sent directly from Registrar to Registrar. No transcripts handled by students will be acceptable. Applicant must possess a master's degree or an Advanced Studies Certificate in School Administration (principal) in order to be admitted to the superintendent program.


6. Send a PDF copy of your Iowa Administrator License to   


7. Upon receipt of a completed application portfolio, the applicant's portfolio will be reviewed.

a) In order to be admitted to the Superintendent Program, applicant must have (or will have upon completion of the program) five years of educational experience (three of which have been as a building principal or other PK-12 district wide or AEA administrative experience).

b) An admission status recommendation will be determined by the Educational Leadership faculty.

c) The Educational Leadership faculty recommends admission to the Department Head for concurrence and approval.

d) Admission decisions will be made each year by mid-December.



The applicant is assigned to regular admission status or admission is denied. All students admitted to the program are assigned an advisor.


International Student Admission

Since international students are required to provide additional material prior to admission, materials should be requested from and submitted to: International Admissions, 2 Gilchrist Hall, UNI, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0018.