Amy Griffin, Elementary Principal, Gilbert Community School District

"The Educational Leadership Program at UNI did an outstanding job of preparing me for an administrative role. During my second year in the program, I accepted the SAM position which allowed for my course work to be more applicable to my every day work. The professors in the Educational Leadership Department provide a wealth of knowledge, variety of educational and administrative experience as well as current leadership styles that impact student achievement. I cannot say enough good things about this program at UNI. I am confident that by choosing UNI's Educational Leadership Program, I will be a more effective Instructional Leader."

Griffin, a December 2010 graduate of the UNI Educational Leadership Department and the School Administration Manager at Fair Oaks Middle School in Fort Dodge, Iowa, was selected among 20 other SAM/Principal teams to attend the National Conference in Orlando, Florida last January.  This conference was for any SAM/Principal teams across the country. Amy's principal is Jess Matsen and their Time Change Coach is Keith Sersland who meets with them monthly to analyze their data and promote instructional leadership.  Conference attendees experienced seminars that gave new ideas in order to increase the principal's instructional time to increase student achievement and had two speakers who were also authors (The Fourth Way: The Inspiring Future for Educational Change by Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley). This convention was an excellent networking opportunity and allowed opportunities to meet other SAM/Principal teams and gain knowledge on effective strategies. More information on the SAM Project is available at