Anthony Voss, Superintendent, Hudson Community School District, Hudson, Iowa

"As a new superintendent, I couldn't be happier with the preparation provided through the Educational Leadership Program at UNI! Coming to Iowa Public Schools from a knowledge based steep in parochial education, I really felt like I was behind the eight ball. UNI removed all obstacles and provided me with a rich and diverse educational experience that is serving me well. While certainly not naive enough to believe that I have all the answers, there is no doubt I can call on my mentors at UNI at anytime for advice or to ask a question. I maintain a strong connection to the University and have no doubt this will continue for years to come.

During my superintendent search, I was able to call my professors for advice and support throughout the entire process. It was awesome to know that I had this faculty in my corner. After landing the job at Hudson, my former professors have continued to check in to see how I am doing, ask if I need any help, or just to reassure me that I am on the right track. They are not only there for you as a student, but also there for you as a practitioner.

The education I received at UNI has opened up a whole new world for me. Now that I am in the field as a sitting superintendent, I have the opportunity to work daily with an outstanding group of professionals who are committed to improving student achievement for our young people in Iowa. We recognize at Hudson that we have a tough job ahead of us, and that we are tasked with preparing today's students to be tomorrow's leaders in a Global economy. Our district is working hard to ensure that our students are equipped with 21st Century Skills that are outlined in the Iowa Core Curriculum, and I have spent a lot of time speaking with our faculty and staff about the concept of a Global Citizen.

Technology is the new buzz-word in education, and we have districts all across the state that are jumping on the 1-1 laptop initiative. While I am fully supportive of these types of initiatives, I want Hudson to be in a position to lead the charge instead of following the crowd. That forces us to slow down and ask a lot of questions. To lead effectively, we need to have all the information before making our decisions.

No one knows for certain where this technology initiative is going, expect that we are quite certain a key component will be student engagement. Whatever it is, I can assure you it will be innovative, so stay tuned. Hudson is poised to lead the way!"