Dan Butler, School Administration Manager (SAM), Drexler Elementary School, Farley, Iowa

The UEN PreK-12 Principalship Program at UNI was a perfect fit for me. I found the courses challenging and extremely relevant. I was well prepared as I addressed questions during administrative interviews. Of all the questions and scenarios that I was given, there was not one that I had not talked about, read about, thought about, or wrote about within my coursework. The Educational Leadership faculty members at UNI are second to none. I am grateful for all of their work in preparing me for an administrative position. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in educational leadership.

As School Administration Manager (SAM) at Drexler Elementary, I have had a busy beginning of the year. The biggest challenge that my principal and I have encountered is the division of management and instructional tasks. Currently, I am finalizing an online discipline form for all staff to use to report incidents throughout the day. Results are computed automatically and allow our staff members to see where our big problem areas are and where they need to focus most of their attention. It has been a fantastic beginning of the year; I am looking forward to many learning opportunities.