Zach Liddle

Why did you choose UNI's teacher education program? 

I chose the teacher education program because there has been such a great tradition of developing great teachers from this university. Many of my teachers growing up in school are alumni and they were great role models to me.


What academic experiences have had a major impact on you? 

The academic experiences that have had an impact on me have been my field experiences out in the schools. I have had experiences in public, private, and special education schools that have really open my eyes and made teaching enjoyable.


How has your College of Education scholarship created opportunities for you? 

The COE scholarship has allowed me to focus on my academics instead of my finances. Also, I have more time to volunteer and involved with campus organizations.


What would you tell a prospective student who's considering the UNI Teacher education program? 

I would tell a prospective student that it is a challenging, yet rewarding experience that allows you to be hands-on in the lab school and is the only state university that has a program like this. You develop many different perspectives and develop many resources for the future.


What are your career plans?

My plans are to teach in a PK-12 school district in physical education and Health along with some coaching or teach physical education at a special education school hopefully in Northeast Iowa.

Physical Education (Teaching)
Plainfield, Iowa