Magdalena (Magda) Galloway, M.A.

Instructor - Instructional Technology

I am an Instructor in the Division of Instructional Technology, at UNI’s College of Education. I teach Educational Technology & Design, Visual Literacy, and Creating Technology Enhanced Learning Environments for Curriculum & Instruction and Continuing Education. I am a part of the Division of Instructional Technology, and I work with the fantastic educational technolgy minors!  I earned my Master's degree from UNI in Communication and Training Technology and  I also have Master's degree from my Polish Alma Mater in Pedagogy with Media in Education specialization.

(319) 273-3076
Office Location: 

SEC 401 C


2001-2005. Master of Arts degree with thesis. Communication and Training Technology, Division of Educational Technology, College of Education, University of Northern Iowa (UNI), USA. Thesis title: Analyzing the Impact of Video-Based Instructional Components on a Foreign, International or Multicultural Audience.

1995-2000. Master of Arts degree with thesis. Pedagogy with Media Education Specialization, Division of Educational Study, University of Adam Mickiewicz (UAM), Poznan, Poland. Thesis title: The Television Series "Theater Like Life" as a Form of Expression of Teenage Problems. A Comparison of the Creators' Intentions and the Programs Social Reception.

1990-1995. Maturity exam (High School / Associate in Liberal Arts) Liceum Mistrzostwa Sportowego. Poznan, Poland.

Areas of Expertise 

Digital Imaging, Visual Literacy, Educational Media, Multimedia Design

Research Interests 

Social Networking, Web 2.0, Digital Citizenry, Designing Multimedia for Foreign and Multicultural audience, Raising bilingual children, Visual Literacy

Courses Taught 

INSTTECH 1031 1,2,3 Educational Tech & Design
INSTTECH 1030 Creating Technology
INSTTECH 1031 60 Educational Tech & Design 2+2
INSTTECH 1020: Secondary Educational Technology & Design
INSTTECH 4147 Digital Imaging
INSTTECH 4138 Visual Literacy

Professional Affiliations 

2008 -present Iowa Technology Education Connection
2005 -present Iowa Association for Communication Technology